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The world’s best homes are yet to be built.

In days-gone-by Australia has been known as a brick & tile nation. Fortunately, the accelerated development of innovative building materials both here in Australia, and globally, is providing multiplied opportunities for Architects, Designers, Builders, Developers and Renovators to imagine something new.

With today’s increased awareness and concern for the environment, the building industry is rightly demanding new and innovative products and solutions.

Environmental responsibility and resource efficiency expand and complement the typical design concerns of utility, durability and comfort. When selecting building materials, ecological and economic performance must be balanced. This is our mission.

Our Mission…

We strive for excellence in the identification, procuring and provision of innovative, sustainable building products that outperform generic brands and offer superior value.

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Select insulated uPVC Claddings

With classic good looks and guaranteed durability, our Select Vinyl Cladding is Australia’s ultimate range of uPVC wall cladding profiles, finishes and colours.

  • Duratuff – Double 5 inch, 20 and 30mm insulated - Chamfered Weatherboard
  • Duratech - Double 5 inch, 20 and 30mm insulated - Shiplap Weatherboard
  • Board & Batten – Single 7 inch, 10mm insulated - Vertical Weatherboard
  • Portsmouth – Rustic Hand-Split Cedar-look Shingles
  • Another exciting new product line will be available 2021
7 Reasons to Install Select Vinyl
Wall Cladding
  • Easy to Maintain – Never requires painting, Periodic cleaning only
  • Insulating – Improved thermal performance = lower heating and
    cooling cost
  • Environmentally Friendly – 50% less energy to manufacture than brick
  • Durable - Longer service life than any other Weatherboard
  • Lifetime transferable Warranty
  • Economical – Lowest construction and maintenance costs
  • Performance - will not crack, warp, rot, or peel or fade excessively

Other Vinyl Products

  • Functional Gable Vents
  • Decorative Window


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Aluminium siding is widely known for its adaptability and durability, but it takes a special kind of siding to take your home to the next level.

Our Cedar Renditions covers it all; it is maintenance-free and durable, has several expressive colours. The sturdy aluminium sidings give classic wood aesthetics to modern architectural design.

Our new 6” Design Series profile features a unique random woodgrain appearance in four premium multi-toned colours. Each colour has three distinct tonalities dark, medium, light - achieving a subtle to dramatic woodgrain look.

This is the next-level aluminium siding with a 25 year prorated limited warranty. It is moisture-proof with streamlined, seamless overlapping notches to achieve longer length. Non-flammable, Cedar Renditions great for residential and light commercial applications.

Cedar Renditions: Cedar Rendition

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Our revolutionary lightweight cladding system, NRG, is the first and only product to achieve Code Mark™ accreditation and also BAL29 Fire Testing on EPS cladding systems, and BCA compliance.
NRG Greenboard™ is an Insulated Wall Panel that combines exterior cladding with insulation so designers can achieve the 6-star energy ratings introduced into the building code. NRG Greenboard™ insulated core of high quality expanded polystyrene, positions the NRG Greenboard™ cladding insulation options from 1.92 R to 3.96 R. Creating an external dual cladding system, as a thermal exterior building envelope.

  • Code Mark Certified
  • BAL 29 Rated system
  • Thermal efficiency to R3.48
  • Acoustic performance – Rw35
  • Design flexibility including curves
  • Energy-efficient production and installation
  • Manufactured in Australia

NRG Greenboard

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Our CraftStone range offers a lightweight manufactured stone veneer cladding inspired by nature. Since early civilisation man has recognised the use of stone as a core building product.

Each individual CraftStone cast and moulded from carefully selected natural stones guaranteeing the look of real stone. Every stone is unique. No two stones are the same.

The simplicity and elegance of CraftStone products provide homeowners, builders, designer and architects with a wide variety of colours and textures, River Rock, European Castle-stone, Mountain LedgeStone to name a few.

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Kingspan is a global leader in insulation and building envelope solutions for high performance, low carbon buildings.

  • Super thermal performance
  • Fire tested Faster construction
  • Creates more floor space No toxic mould
  • No airborne fibres More energy saving
  • Superior durability Faster build speed
  • Wide aesthetic choice
  • Multiple performance applications
  • Offsite and onsite assembled 

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Our Foamular Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation provides advanced commercial and residential building solutions. Foamular’s closed-cell construction guarantees long-term thermal performance with high moisture resistance. Warranted to maintain 90% of its insulation value over 20 years.

Foamular is available in compressive strengths from 250kPa to 700kPa meeting extreme load demands.

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Our Values…

Customer Commitment: We develop relationships that assist in the ongoing success of our customers

Quality Products: We provide quality products that deliver premium value to our customers

Customer Service: We serve our customers and each other with care and respect

Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions

Innovation: We encourage innovation in every area and aspect of our organisation

Teamwork: We work together without boundaries to meet the needs of our customers and help the company win.

Respect: We value our people, encourage personal development and reward their performance

Citizenship: We are caring citizens in the communities in which we live and work

Will to Win: We exhibit a strong will-to-win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business

Personal Accountability: We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments

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Email us with your project plans, so we can guide you through our collection of technical data, scientific journals and manuals.
We will send you a link to download all the files you need. 
Email us with your project plans, so we can guide you through our collection of technical data, scientific journals and manuals.
We will send you a link to download all the files you need. 
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