Rectangle Gable Vent (51cm x 66cm)

Eye-catching and functional gable vents for internal comfort and aesthetic appeal. Give your home a breath of fresh air with beautiful functional gable vents, exclusively available in Australia through Austech.

Attractive Design

Austech Gable Vents offer an attractive design accent for your home with a deep wood grain finish for the appearance of real wood without the maintenance. With a number of shapes to fit all architectural styles, Gable Vents add character and enhances the look and functionality of your home or office - inside and out.

Perfect Fit

Austech offers a number of advantages to ensure a perfect fit of gable vents and windows for your home:

· 75mm J channel for easy trimming access

· Removable template to ensure an exact fit

· Large flange and level lines for easy, high quality installation

· Patented drip channel than funnels water out and over the external cladding

Austech Gable Vents

Austech gable vents come in a range of attractive shapes, all fully screened for complete insect protection. Weep holes prevent damage caused by condensation build up while lowering your energy costs and increasing the structural longevity of your home.

$173.25 each

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