Austech specialises in the distribution of high-quality, innovative and cost-effective construction material.

We have dedicated account teams with experience, history and national distribution that allows you the most current information and specifications available at the best rate possible.

Austech's product range, understanding and knowledge of the construction process means we can pro-actively recommend products that will improve the success of your projects.

Austech understands what drives a successful project and can provide value for money whilst delivering on-time.

Our product range provides flexibility to suit all of your projects. In particular, Duratuff Vinyl Cladding. The great news is that you not only give your project the best possible protection against the Australian Climate, you can also use the product to make your project stand out from the rest!

Create angles and textures using Duratuff to add interesting features to your projects. It is easy to install, has a 50 year warranty and is crush and impact resistant. With so many colours being provided in the range it is difficult to find a product that is as versatile!



Austech is committed to providing products that improve the efficiency and performance of buildings and other construction whilst protecting the environment.

Austech, "Supporting you with Smart Solutions".


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