Warning! Exposed Downlights in Ceilings Do Cause Fires!

Halogen downlights are an increasingly popular light fitting, but they do have some huge drawbacks, including high fire risk, loss of insulation and poor indoor air quality. Isolite Downlight Covers have been designed to fix all these problems, creating a safer and more comfortable home.

Downlight Covers Prevent Ceiling Fires

Smoke alarms warn you when a fire has started, but ceiling fires are hard to detect, making them one of the most deadly household fires. Isolite Downlight Guards stop the downlight coming into contact with flammable material, preventing halogen downlight related fires.

Halogen downlights can reach temperature of 300°C. Most common ceiling debris will ignite at this temperature, causing a ceiling inferno. The only way to prevent fires is to isolate halogen downlights from all combustible material with an approved downlight guard.

Improve Insulation Quality and Save Money with Downlight Covers

Like a chain, insulation is only as strong as its weakest link. Since halogen downlights require large insulation clearance around exposed halogen globes, this dramatically reduces insulations effectiveness. Isolite Downlight Covers protect the globe and allow insulation to be placed right next to the guard, plugging the insulation hole and dramatically improving insulation effectiveness. This increased efficiency means downlight guards pay for them self in reduced heating and cooling bills.

Downlight Guards Now Mandatory in the Governments $1200 rebate

The government has recognised the importance of downlight enclosures in Australian fire safety, so all insulation installed under the rebate must include downlight covers, which are fully included in the $1200. Homeowners should recommend their installers use Isolite Downlight Enclosures to protect their investment and family.

Read the Austech press release on changes to the Government's insulation packageisolite installed

Improve Indoor Air Quality With Downlight Covers.

Downlights do not create an airtight seal with the roof. Halogen downlights push dust, pollen, allergens, insects and insulation particles right into your home. Downlight covers act as a seal between the roof and the home, dramatically improving air quality in the home, creating a cleaner, safer and more comfortable home.

For more information download the Isolite Downlight Cover brochure

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