The innovative ducted ceiling exhaust fan for all wet areas.

Revolutionary VorTecs grille boosts air movement, cuts energy usage. Unique blade design maximises air lift, minimises back draft. Award-winning DraftStoppa technology seals out dust, pollution, vermin, water and snow. Saves up to 30% on heating and cooling costs! Easy to install.

DraftStoppa® TopHat ™ The totally self-sealing, energy-efficient exhaust fan. DraftStoppa® TopHat™ is the innovative self-sealing, energy-efficient exhaust fan for all wet areas - bathroom, laundry, ensuite and kitchen.

Devised, developed and fully manufactured in Australia, the DraftStoppa® TopHat™ combines high output and maximum performance with a unique self-sealing design.

The DraftStoppa® TopHat™ is the only totally enclosed fan system with the ability to exhaust air to the outside without return air coming back in. It is designed for both new buildings, or by using an adaptor, can be retro-fitted into existing homes.

The DraftStoppa® TopHat™ kit - containing fan, casing, grille, duct, tape, hole template and instructions - is easy to install for both the building professional and the DIY enthusiast.

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