After a spate of related ceiling fires and warnings from experts, the Australian Government has given into the pressure and has made it mandatory to cover all downlight when installing insulation under the revised $1200 rebate scheme.

The Australian Standard requires downlight's (which reach temperatures of up to 300°C) be completely isolated from insulation, timber and loose build-up in ceilings.

The old regulations allowed cowboy installers to simply cut a big hole in the insulation around the downlight, with holes having a devastating effect on fire safety. Most modern insulation isn't highly flammable, but these holes funnel flammable materials like leaves, dust and debris right onto the 300°C downlight.

Leaving these large holes also lowers the insulation's effectiveness since these large uninsulated voids let temperature fluctuations bypass insulation. In large homes with many downlight's this effectively renders the new insulation useless.

Isolite Downlight Guards where designed to fix this problem, completely isolating the downlight from flammable material, while still getting maximum benefit from your insulation.

The design for Isolites was produced in response to a family ceiling fire caused by unprotected downlights. Isolites where always included under the rebate, but this move from the government will see more homes protected and undoubtable lives saved.

Austech recommends all homeowners to insist on installation of Isolite Downlight Guards to make sure their family is protected. Isolites are included in the $1200 rebate and are available from Austech External Building Products who distribute a range of products covered by the scheme.

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