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Foamular XPS: The Perfect Partner with Underfloor Heating.

Foamular XPS Insulation eliminates the heat loss that travels through a thermally inefficient concrete slab especially where an underfloor heating system has been installed.

Foamular is the perfect partner to underfloor heating systems. Foamular XPS establishes a thermal lock that ensures the heat produced by the heating elements is transfered uni-directionally through the flooring where it is desired, rather than the multi-directional transfer of heat being absorbed and wasted in the sub-floor.

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Duratuff Select - The Smart Weatherboard System

Are you looking for cost-effective ways of improving the appearance of your home or investment property?  Consider Duratuff Select Composite Weatherboards – the Smarter alternative.

Smarter Application – Duratuff Select, unlike inferior weatherboards, is perfect for installation directly over most existing external wall finishes. Negating the expense of stripping your current cladding material and avoiding the labyrinth of possible build issues associated with bringing your property back to a bare frame.

Think of the Savings!

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Foamular Extruded Polystyrene Insulation can help you meet BCA, Basix and Green Star requirement when building with Masonry and Brick

Masonry, brick and concrete walls have very low thermal values. Thermal mass is the capacity of a material to absorb heat energy. A lot of energy is required to change the temperature of high density materials like concrete, bricks and tiles.  Masonry and brick are very good at storing heat but are also very good at transferring heat. Often bricks and masonry will heat up during the day, store that heat and then radiate it back into the house at night. Properly installed insulation can limit this transfer and dramatically improve energy efficiency. By placing insulation in a walling system it is beneficial in slowing the transfer of extreme heat and cold by acting as a temperature barrier that slowly releases the stored temperature over an extended period.  The temperature within the house/building will result in a stable and comfortable range, which reduces the cost of heating and cooling the building.  A high energy efficient buildings save you money.

A double brick cavity wall has an R-value of only R0.69. In comparison just 30mm of Foamular Extruded Polystyrene has an R-value of R1.07. Combining the two would provide an R-Value of 1.76 and vastly improve the walls thermal performance.

To meet BCA and BASIX requirements, Foamular XPS in various thicknesses can be easily fitted to meet thermal requirements.

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The Exterior of your home is your first impression!

The exterior of your house is a significant part of your home because it gives neighbours and guests a first impression.

 A worn, unmaintained exterior can bring the whole curb appeal of your home down. Deciding what is best for you and your family is a hard decision. People will tell you leave your old house and buy something new. Others will tell you to knock it down and build a new one but where will you live while it is being built?

 The cost of renting and removalists are a huge expense. Staying and upgrading your existing home is an increasing popular option and easier on the bank account, rather than moving house so you can stay in the area that you know and love, an important consideration if you have kids in school.

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High Impact Make Over

If your home exterior is looking a little shabby take a look at this exterior makeover. This home has a quirky façade that had deteriorated over the years.

This high impact exterior facelift was transformed complete with new front door, windows, gutters, tiles, painted brick and Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding. Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding has had a huge impact on this home and is maintenance free never to be painted again. All that is needed is an occasional hose down. It is guaranteed that it will not crack, peel, fade, rot, dent or split. Duratuff also minimises your electricity bill by adding insulation to your home that keeps the heat out in the summer and in for the winter. Choose from 12 colours and available in in two length sizes.

Transform your home in a flash with a high impact make over with Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding.

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