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As a specialist architect with extensive experience and expertise in residential design and construction Dixon Andrews provides a very high level of service at all stages of the design and construction process. Unlike most Architects Dixon is involved beginning to end of your project and is very hands on. As seen in the image of Dixon on a current worksite in Mosman.

Dixon Andrews Architects have been using Foamular Extruded Polystyrene Insulation for many years along with Dincel Wall Systems. Dincel has an innovative wall construction system, with permanent polymer form work for walls and columns, which when filled with concrete, produces an economical, strong and durable structure as well as saving construction time and money. Lining the interior walls with Foamular Extruded Polystyrene compliments the thermal mass benefits of the walling system.

Foamular's advanced thermal properties act like a temperature barrier, stopping heat fluctuations outside radiating through the concrete and into the building. Foamular has a high R-value, 50mm of Foamular can provide an R Value of R1.78.

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A residence in the Lower Blue Mountains of NSW has extended and updated the look of their home. They chose Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding in the Sterline colour with White Designer Window Castings to finish the look on their home. 

Richard from Blue Mountains Building Co. installed the house cladding.  "This is my second extension using Duratuff  Select Vinyl cladding and already I feel like an expert. It's so easy to use and with long lengths it goes up very quickly. It's also very light which is very helpful for second storey extensions. We used the White Designer Window Casing around the windows which really enhanced the final look of the house." says Richard.

The walls of the home were installed with 20mm foam for extra insulation. Duratuff is low maintenance and comes with a 50 year warranty and available in 13 modern colours.

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Foamular Extruded Polystyrene Insulation helps to reduce heat loss and lower operating costs for floor heating systems.

Placed below ground around the edge and under the concrete floor slab, Foamular creates a thermal barrier to minimise heat loss, lowering operating costs and reducing energy demand.

Being a closed cell extruded product - Foamular will not rot or decompose in below grade applications.

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Sufficient ventilation in your roof is vital to maintain your home in good structural condition and a healthy environment to the people who occupy the home. Gable vents from Austech External Building products will help ventilate your roof space, removing heat in summer and moisture in winter.Gable Vents from Austech come in a range of attractive shapes and designs, all fully screened for complete insect protection.

Installing a Gable Vent

To install a Gable Vent, start on the bottom edge, gently remove Lock-on cover. Trace the outside of the vent base and then another line 2 inches inside the first line. Cut a hole in the wall along the inside line. Position the vent on the wall and nail it into position using the pre-drilled holes. Snap Lock-on cover into place over the vent base. Installation is now complete.

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Subway Food Chain Use Austech Building Products’ CraftStone

The Subway food chain has been one of the fastest growing franchises in the world with over 35,000 restaurants in 98 countries and territories. Austech Building Products supplied one of its premium products, CraftStone, to Subway in Ballina Northern NSW. An eye-catching feature wall was created using around 6m2of Stacked Ledgestone Sunset from the CraftStone range. Subway is another major international company that have decided to use CraftStone in their Australian stores as the innovative lightweight replica looks and feels like the real thing - without the price tag.

As the numbers continue to roll through to door at the Ballina outlet, the CraftStone feature wall has sparked interest amongst the public and finishes off the interior design with a touch of elegance. CraftStone is available Australia wide through Austech Building Products. Visit the Austech website to contact your nearest office. There are a variety of profiles and colours to choose from in the CraftStone Range to suit existing or new constructions.

CraftStone comes with a 25 year warranty so you can rest assured knowing you've purchased quality. Stacked stone, chosen by Subway, is one of the best ways to ornament a home without breaking the bank. To pull this off, stone cladding, a fashionable method used by many architects is used to add vibrance to a lifeless structure. Builders stack these stones to recreate nature's natural stone walls seen in waterfalls and cliffs. Stacked stones are generally used for aesthetic purposes but they are also known to be able to last a long time.

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