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Green Roof Gardens are becoming an increasingly popular roofing option for concrete roofs, with many modern cities demanding a percentage of total roof space be green. A green roof is a roof surface, flat or pitched, that is planted partially or completely with vegetation and a growing medium over a waterproof membrane. It increases thermal mass and improves insulation, creating more stable temperatures in the building below and therefore reducing energy demands for artificial heating and cooling, reduces noise, increases productive garden space and biodiversity, provides beautiful views, reduces the rainwater run-off that ends up in storm water systems, and improves air quality.

Green Garden Roofs provide very low insulation from the soil and plants, especially when wet for adequate R-values, added insulation is needed. Foamular Extruded Polystyrene is a closed cell board with minimal water absorption and high R-values. It is placed below the soil but above the concrete roof, creating a continuous thermal barrier. It can also have pavers and ballast placed on it, providing walkways and recreation areas, as seen on the PRMA page.

Foamular Extruded Polystyrene provides no nutritional value to plants, animals or bacteria, so it is not degraded by their presence. It also has very low water absorption potential, and can easily function in the presence of moist growing medium and water runoff.

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The demand for more environmentally efficient products has significantly increased in recent times.Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding is engineered to meet these challenges and become a more sustainable material than its competitors. As vinyl cladding contributes significantly less to global warming than other exterior claddings, it also has the potential to earn more points in leading green building certification programs. Austech External Building Products are the nationwide suppliers of Duratuff Select and are committed to supplying eco-friendly products in order to preserve the environment. Recent studies have shown that vinyl cladding outperforms most other exterior claddings in regards to life cycle.

The ability to immediately return scrap and regrind it directly into the manufacturing process results in virtually no manufacturing waste. Compared to the installation of other exterior claddings, vinyl generates very little waste. Duratuff Select installers around Australia implement source reduction techniques to ensure minimal scrap is produced during installation.

Sustainability is not possible without durability, and Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding is constantly improving through research and development. Expected service life of the product continues to increase, as Austech are able to offer a 50 year warranty. Advancements are also being made in other key areas such as colour retention and impact resistance.

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Choosing a Facade Cladding

There are many factors to consider when looking for an effective way to cover the outside of your building or home. Most of us would opt for something that looks attractive, is also well protected and requires minimal maintenance. Facade cladding is the ultimate choice and Austech External Building Products have the perfect solution for you.

What is Facade Cladding?

Façade claddings are non load bearing panels that are fixed to the supporting structure. Generally, they are used for aesthetic purposes to add another dimension to a structure and should only have to support their own weight. Facade cladding can add more than just an attractive external appearance. The overall thermal and acoustic properties of a building can be importantly enhanced, especially with extra insulation installed behind it.

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Houses in Australia face some of the most severe weather conditions in the world, from huge tropical cyclones to extreme UV from the sun. Traditional painted houses will find their colour degrades with time, but Duratuff Select Vinyl Wall Cladding has been designed to maintain its rich colour.

The reason colours deteriorate in the sun is that the chemicals that create colours are broken down by the ultraviolet light in sunshine.

Dura Technology offers colour preservation through the most advanced colour retention technology available.

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Kynfield Residential and Commercial Building Contracts have chosen Foamular Extruded Polystyrene Insulation as the External Insulation/Render Substrate for their latest residential project in Putney.

Kynfield is committed to green building principles and the benefit of Foamulars High R Value for Thickness (75mm = R2.67) plus the extra benefit of an External Insulator System will greatly reduce energy demand over the lifetime of the residence.  Foamular is a truly green product. It is created using an environmentally friendly HCFC Blowing Agent and its high insulation levels means it reduces household heating bills. With over 90% of Australians electricity coming from burning coal, Foamular has the potential to reduce Australia's carbon footprint.

Foamular's thermal insulation properties are guaranteed to maintain at least 90% R-value for 20 years. Foamular's closed cell structure means it cannot absorb water, creating a waterproof membrane. Insulation that absorbs water will often have dramatic losses in R-value once wet.

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