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Stone Feature Wall

Add an amazing stone feature wall to your home to create an interesting, unique and beautiful façade.

Due to the lightweight nature of Craftstone, there is no need for a costly structural support; you can easily turn what might have been an ordinary facade into a remarkable designer show piece with Craftstone. The durability of Craftstone makes this product virtually maintenance free and also comes with a 25 year limited warranty.

Craftstone is not just limited to facades it can be applied to a number of settings, from an interior feature wall, fireplace or even water features. For more information, visit our website to view Craftstones many profile and colour ranges.

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Breathe New Life into your Home!

A residence in Sydney breathes new life into their home with the use of Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding to their home.  The Owners chose Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding in the Heather colour with 30mm foam for extra insulation in their walls.  Country Style Cladding installed the cladding which has transformed this house into an easy living, low maintenance home.

With Duratuff Select Vinyl Claddings classic look and guaranteed durability, it is Australia's ultimate wall cladding for home building, construction, renovations, extensions and additions, available exclusively through Austech External Building Products. Duratuff comes with a 50 year warranty and available in 13 modern colours. If your not sure which colour will suit your needs simply fill out an enquiry form and we will send a colour sample of your choice to you.

Call Austech today we will be happy to assist you with your needs or simply make an enquiry

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Foamular used to Increase the Energy Efficiency in this Home!

Cutting edge design coupled with lower energy demand has been achieved in this stunning home from Kieran Mclnerney Architects.
Committed to energy efficiency in design, Architect Kieran McInerney has chosen Foamular Metric Extruded Polystyrene Insulation as the external insulation on a number of his projects. Foamular’s high Thermal Rating (R2.67 for 75mm) plus its high impact resistance make it the ideal substrate for modern Acrylic Render coatings. Being a closed cell insulation material, Foamular is the ideal material when high thermal resistance is required.

Kieran Mclnerney Architects latest project in Vaucluse was project managed by Tricon Developments with the Foamular Insulation being fixed and rendered by Europlex.

Foamular XPS was also used as an Underslab Insulation in various sectors of the build. Improved energy efficiency of the floor heating system was achieved by using Foamular as a thermal barrier under the slab. In simple terms heat will transfer to cooler medium such as the ground and external air. To keep the slab warm a continual supply of energy is required to replace escaping heat. Fixing Foamular as a thermal barrier minimises heat loss so less energy is required to maintain slab temperature. Reduced energy demand equals lower operating costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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2 Good Reasons to Insulate Concrete Roofs

1. Concrete is a conductor and heat passes thru concrete as well as being stored in it’s thermal mass.

2. Top floor apartments can be uncomfortable and have low energy efficiency because of this.

Foamular 300KPA 65mm insulation was recently fitted to the roof of the Newcastle courthouse by NJD Corporation. NJD are a construction, maintenance and remedial building company which provide a diverse range of services to the construction industry. The Newcastle Courthouse has been designed to provide the largest and most technologically advanced NSW court complex outside of Sydney. The seven storey 12,000 square metre building incorporates a variety of architectural features and material. The high security courthouse will have a 10 state of the art courtrooms and two tribunal rooms that can host Local, District and Supreme Court hearings.

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Get warmer feet this winter! Insulate your home with Expol

Expol Underfloor Insulation is the preferred choice when insulating your home. Stop heat entering in summer and escaping in winter, enjoy warmer feet and save around 12% on your heating bill. Expol Underfloor Insulation is safe and easy to install and can be applied to both new and existing homes.

Ceiling insulation stops hot air leaving your roof, but does nothing to inhibit heat lost from the walls and floor. A floor allowing a draught in can lead to ceiling insulation to be almost useless when cold air blows through.

Expol is designed to dramatically improve energy efficiency and reduce heat transfer from the floor. Expol has a minimum R-Value of 1.4 which exceeds the current recommended R-Value for timber floors.

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