Austech External Building Products have now added a new line of products to their existing range. Now certified distributors of BGC Fibre Cement Cladding & Stonesheet, Austech can supply and deliver material at wholesale prices. As specialists in external lightweight claddings and facades, Austech are now able to offer more choice and an even wider range to suit your home or project. BGC products are made and manufactured in Australia.

BGC Fibre Cement manufactures a range of fibre cement products for many different applications including:

The three products that have been added to complement Austech's existing claddings and facades such as Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding, Foamular Extruded Polystyrene and CraftStone are:

- Duraplank

- Nuline

- Stonesheet

BGC Duraplank is designed and manufactured as a plank which is reminiscent of traditional weatherboards both in appearance and installation methods. BGC Duraplank is not subject to decay, rot or white ant damage and is non-combustible. The result is a safer, more durable cladding that requires minimum maintenance. BGC Duraplank is available with either a smooth finish or a wood grain texture for that authentic weatherboard look. In regards to the fire aspect of the product, it is able to be used in bush fire prone areas classified up to BAL 29.

Nuline is a unique weatherboard-style cladding system that looks like real timber weatherboard, but doesn't come with any of the headaches associated with natural timber weatherboard constructions. The Nuline joining system is quick and easy to install giving a seamless finish that looks good and lasts a lifetime. The quality of Nuline is demonstrated in its capability to be used in bush fire prone areas of up to a BAL 40.

BCG Stonesheet is Austech's recommended stone tile substrate and background for true masonry on timber or steel framed buildings. Stonesheet is a substrate for tile Suitable for interior and exterior use. A non structural substrate which is designed to take a maximum stone/tile fa├žade weight of 40kg/m2

Visit the website to learn more about these products or others on offer by Austech, who have offices in every state in Australia. Austech External Building Products have been around for 25 years and in this time have developed a product range to solve your building or construction problems. Simply pick up the phone to talk to a representative near you or send through an email.