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Water Repellent

Craftstone products feature the addition of water-based water repellent that greatly enhances the stone’s performance in humid climate. Water repellent is mixed with the composite material during manufacturing, thus providing a more lasting effect than spray, brush or paint method.


Craftstone products show zero flame spread and zero smoke development.

General Properties

  • Material Composition: Portland Cement, Light-Weight Aggregates and Iron Oxide Pigments.
  • Unit Weight: 33~45kg/m2 (varies according to profile)
  • Thickness: 15~60mm (varies according to profile)


Physical Properties

  • Water Absorption: <13%
  • Open Porosity*: <35%
  • Compressive Strength*: >12.0N/nm2
  • Flexural Strength*: >5.0N/nm2

* Test reference to NBN EN 1926 (1999), NBN EN 12372 (1999)

Installation Instructions


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