Quality Stone Cladding

CraftStone® cladding stones bring the beauty and appeal of stone into any design or building which cannot be matched or achieved by any other building material. As with all great designs, CraftStone plays an important role in transforming the landscape, bringing the beauty of nature right to your door step.

The simplicity and elegance of CraftStone® enables you to enjoy the unique feeling and homely ambience of nature while providing wide design space and imagination. In every prospect, CraftStone® products lend stature and a sense of permanence, turning what might have been an ordinary space into a remarkable designer show-piece.

Since early civilization, man has recognised the use of stone as a core building product. In this common era, the supply of fine natural stone is often scarce and limited.

Stone offers a great alternative to an otherwise limited range. Our profiles are inspired by history and nature whilst being re-modelled to suit present applications.

Stone Cladding That Looks Like Real Stone

Cast and mould from chemically improved lightweight concrete, our manufactured stone is a fine replica of natural stone, capturing even the finest detail that even on close examination these artificial stone veneers look and feel like the original.

Benefits of CraftStone include:


Typically one-quarter the weight of a full thickness wall, CraftStone® eliminates the need for costly structural support.


CraftStone® comes in varying colours and textures to suit any design.Free Quote


CraftStone® is suitable for both interior and exterior applications including feature walls, fireplaces, chimneys, columns, pillars, retaining walls, water features, and around pools.


The installation cost of laying CraftStone® is often less than half the cost of laying natural stone.

Interlocking Feature

CraftStone® products feature innovative contouring edges, which provide space for grout to escape and form additional bonds between individual stones.


Colour-fast and virtually maintenance free, all CraftStone® products come with a 25 year limited warranty.

CraftStone's popularity means that there are many finished jobs that can be viewed and visited, to view some recent projects, click here.

To view the Australian range of CraftStone®, BCG Stonesheet is Austech's recommended stone tile substrate and background for true masonry on timber or steel framed buildings.

Stonesheet is:

  • A substrate for tile
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • A non-structural substrate
  • Is designed to take a maximum stone/tile façade weight of 40kg/m2

For more information on CraftStone, please submit a request or contact your nearest Austech office.


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