DuraTech - Modern Vinyl Wall Cladding

DuraTech External Wall Cladding combines the sleek look of modern house weatherboards with the maintenance free finish of vinyl cladding. Vinyl wall cladding requires no painting, sanding or staining, so once it is installed its 100% finished and guaranteed to stay that way for 50 years.

Unlike other exterior cladding products, it is guaranteed to be maintenance free, and only requires a quick wash down to renew its finish.

Fibre Cement Weatherboards - look good when installed, but quickly deteriorates, requiring constant painting, costly repairs and frequent re-caulking of seams and cracks. Fibre cement boards also don't improve insulation to your home.

Wooden Weatherboards - traditional look and texture, but very hard to maintain and quickly looks worn out. Wooden exterior cladding also is venerable to termites and bush fires, making it unpractical for modern Australian homes.

Aluminium Exterior Wall Cladding - Popular in the 90's but every little bump and scuff creates large dents and scratches that don't buff out. Aluminium wall cladding can be as much as 4 times more expensive than Vinyl and provides a much smaller guarantee.

DuraTech vinyl wall cladding is available in a range of modern colours to bring out the best in your home. DuraTech also contains Dura-technology, which protects colour from the sun and produces a scratch and impact resistant exterior cladding.

Vinyl Cladding also has the benefit of a pre-installed foam backing to add insulation to your home. This is ideal for older homes with no insulation in their walls, but it is also good for new homes because it wraps the whole home in insulation (not just fills gaps between studs) to give you a continuous thermal barrier and limit thermal bridging.

Download The DuraTech Vinyl Wall Cladding Brochure.

DuraTech is available Australia wide through Austech's distribution network of registered installers. To find out more or request an obligation free quote, contact your local Austech office here.


Standard Colours

Sterling Sterling 
Sand LRSand
White LRWhite
Heather LRHeather
Harvard SlateHarvard Slate
EstateD4LI SoftMaple Soft Maple
EstateD4LI EstateGrayEstate Gray
Wicker LRWicker

*Important Note: Colours may vary from your screen. This chart should be used as an indication only.


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